New Europe College
Institute for Advanced Study

The Bucharest Debate on Europe:
1914-2014. What if Europe Fails?

International Conference: 19th–20th of September 2014

Admission is free on availability

Confirmations:,, 0722 539 011, 0722 609 478


Friday, 19.09, 18.00 (University Library of Bucharest)

1. Dealing with one another in Europe and its neighborhood: diplomacy, sanctions, war

Dan Dungaciu (sociologist, political analyst, Romania ), Emil Hurezeanu (political analyst, Romania), Ivan Krastev (political scientist, Bulgaria), Michael Stolleis (law specialist and historian of law, Germany)
Host: Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu (historian, politician, Romania)

Saturday, 20.09, 9.30 (New Europe College)

2. Close and remote European „neighbors”: Russia and the United States

György Dalos (writer and historian, Hungary), Sonja Margolina (writer, Russia), Oksana Sabuschko (writer, Ucraine), Richard Swartz (writer and journalist, Sweden )
Host: Heinrich Detering (writer, specialist in literary studies, Germany)

Saturday, 20.09, 11.30 (New Europe College)

3. Ethnicity in Europe. The Renaissance of ethnic nation states?

Andrei Cornea (philosopher, classicist and political analyst, Romania) Slavenka Drakulić (novelist and non-fiction writer, Croatia), Silvia Marton (sociologist, Romania), Ilma Rakusa (writer and translator, Switzerland)
Host: Raluca Alexandrescu (political analyst, Romania)

Saturday, 20.09, 18.00 (Odeon Theatre)

4. The margins of Europe: a hazard zone, a grey zone, or a trading zone?

Edhem Eldem (historian,Turkey), Yaroslav Hrytsak (historian,Ucraine), Jörn Leonhard (historian, Germany), Karl Schlögel (historian, Germany)
Host: Andrei Pleşu (philosopher, writer, Romania)