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July 2018 - Monthly Program

(Published on May 28th, 2018)

We are happy and proud to announce that Dr. Ada Hajdu, NEC Alumna and Assistant Professor at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, will conduct an ERC Starting Grant at the New Europe College beginning this fall. The project, Art Historiographies in Central and Eastern Europe, an Inquiry from the Perspective of Entangled Histories, has been granted by the European Research Council for the timeframe of five years.

We would like to warmly congratulate her and the entire team who contributed to the success of this valuable research initiative!

(Published on Jul 31, 2018)

New Europe College announces the launching of a new Fellowship Program.

Starting with June 2018 the Lapedatu Foundation finances the first Lapedatu Fellowship that will be awarded to a foreign researcher specialized in the field of Romanian Studies. Alex Drace-Francis, Professor of Literary and Cultural History of Modern Europe at the University of Amsterdam, will spend a month in Romania and work with a young Romanian researcher to organize an academic event hosted by the NEC. For a more detailed description, please visit

Volumul Arta în România între anii 1945-2000. O analiză din perspectiva prezentului (Editura UNArte, 2016) poate fi achiziționat din librăriile Cărturești (București) sau de la Colegiul Noua Europă (Plantelor 21), odată efectuată plata lui prin virament bancar în contul UniCredit Bank al Fundației Noua Europă: RO93 BACX 0000 0030 0147 4008. Costul volumului este 12 lei.

Coordonatori: Călin DAN, Iosif KIRALY, Anca OROVEANU, Magda RADU
Autori: Madalina BRAȘOVEANU, Irina CARABAS, Adriana COPACIU, Călin DAN, Mirela DUCULESCU, Simona DUMITRIU, Celia GHYKA, Bogdan IACOB, Iosif KIRALY, Cristian NAE, Olivia NIȚIȘ, Adriana OPREA, Anca OROVEANU, Veda POPOVICI, Magda PREDESCU, Magda RADU, Mara RAȚIU, Irina TULBURE (UNArte, MNAC, NEC 2016)

(Published on May 12th, 2017)

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