New Europe College
Institute for Advanced Study

Selection procedure of the fellows at the NEC:

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The selection procedure at the NEC is essentially the same for all the researchers hosted by this institution, whether Romanian or international. The first step is the launching of a widely circulated call for applications for a specific fellowship program. Candidates are asked to fill in a detailed application form, that includes their professional CV and publications list, and a project on which they propose to work during their fellowship. A minimum of two recommendations from recognized specialists in their field of study, specifically discussing their project, is required. The next stage is an internal evaluation of the applications by the academic staff of the NEC, with the assistance of local and international specialists from the relevant fields, where necessary. As a result of this internal evaluation a pre-selection is made, on the basis of which candidates are invited to an interview. The interview is conducted by a jury including the academic direction of the NEC, the members of the NEC Academic Board, and, on occasion, one or two foreign invited scholars of international repute. It is scheduled so as to directly precede the annual meeting of the NEC Academic Board, during which the final decisions concerning the selection of fellows are taken.