New Europe College
Institute for Advanced Study

NEC-POSDRU Fellowships (2010-2013)

NEC was part of a larger project initiated by the Romanian Academy: Civilization. Identity. Globalism. Social and Human Studies in the Context of European Development (project code: ID 61104). Seven postdoctoral Fellows were invited for one academic year each, to develop their research projects under the topic proposed by NEC: Ideologies and Trends of Thought in the 20th Century and their Historic Roots. These fellowships were financed by the European Social Fund (through the Romanian Government).


La modernité contrariée: la pensée politique roumaine de la Belle Epoque jusqu'à la Grande Guerre (1895-1914) entre la gauche impossible et le piège du traditionalisme


Producing and Consuming “Folklore”: A Study of the Origins and Usage of Folklore as a Field of Media Culture in Post-communist Romania


From Meaning of History to Meaning in History. Eric Voegelin’s non-ideological Philosophy of History

Camil Alexandru PÂRVU

The Transformations of Contemporary Radical Political Theory

Florinela POPA

Music and Politics. Case Study: Sergei Prokofiev


Ideological Varieties and Interferences in the Romanian Context: Liberalism, Socialism, Agrarianism, Corporatism and Social Organicism

Artur Viorel TULUȘ

Zionism and Communism among the Jewish community from the Lower Danube