New Europe College
Institute for Advanced Study

Sebastian BOȚIC

PhD Fellow, Faculty of Law, Bucharest University

Judging Originality: The Limits of Intellectual Property in Architectural Works

Valentina COVACI

Lecturer, Department of Hungarology, Jewish Studies and Rromani, University of Bucharest

Contested Orthodoxy: Latins and Greeks in Late Medieval Jerusalem

Alina Sandra CUCU

Postdoctoral Fellow, Humboldt University, Berlin

Flexible Capitalism from an Eastern European Corner: Transformations in the Romanian Automotive Industry, 1965–2017

Radu-Andrei DIPRATU

Researcher, Institute for South-Eastern European Research, The Romanian Academy

‘Imperial Signs’ (nișan-ı hümayun): Framing Muslim-Christian Relations in the Seventeenth-Century Mediterranean


Researcher, Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, Cluj-Napoca

The Youth of the Unified Nation: Social Control and Discipline in Romanian Interwar High Schools

Florin-Bogdan MATEESCU

Researcher, Nicolae Iorga Institute of History, The Romanian Academy

Household Dynamics in Rural Moldavia: Iași District in 1859

Oana Lidia MATEI

Lecturer, Faculty of Humanistic, Political and Administrative Sciences, Vasile Goldiș Western University of Arad

Manipulating Flora: Vegetable Philosophy and the Emergence of a New Science of Life in the Seventeenth Century


Associate Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

The British Connection: Jews and Judaism in the Anglican-Romanian Orthodox Interfaith Relation

Cosmin Daniel PRICOP

Assistant Dr., Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Bucharest

Rezeptionsgeschichte des Textes Joh 1,14b in der frühchristlichen Literatur bis 325