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The library of the New Europe College started to develop in 1994 in direct connection with its core Fellowship program. It focused originally on reference literature in the major fields of the humanities and social sciences, but developed throughout the years into a larger and more diverse collection of books, journals, and electronic resources in these fields. In taking into account the local context, the policy of the library differs to a certain extent from that of other institutes for advanced study.

While as a rule the libraries of such institutes restrict their holdings to reference books, and concentrate their efforts on offering extensive national and international inter-library loan services, our policy in developing the library has been guided first and foremost by the concern to offer access to literature unavailable in other Romanian libraries, in fields of major interest to our fellows and alumni. Though limited in its possibilities of growth, the NEC library has become a rich and useful resource, both for its fellows and alumni, who are its primary beneficiaries, and for a larger community of scholars (students, researchers and academics from Romanian universities and research institutes). It proposes to compensate for the limitations of its physical space by enlarging its electronic resources, and by developing (insofar as financial means allow) its inter-library loan services.

Library and Information Services

  • for the fellows :
    • loan service: they can borrow books and periodicals, and they can consult the reference, the CD-ROMs and the DVDs on the spot;
    • advance reservations for library materials;
    • extension of library loans by phone or e-mail;
    • photocopying of library materials within the limits of copyright provisions;
  • for the alumni of NEC :
    • consultation of the library holdings in the reading room; Internet access;
    • advance reservations for library materials;
    • photocopying of library materials within the limits of copyright provisions.
  • for other categories of users (students, researchers and academics from Romanian universities and research institutes):
    • consultation of the library holdings in the reading room; Internet access.

Opening hours

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 10.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.;
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Membership conditions

NEC Library membership is open to all NEC fellows and alumni.

The library is also open to scholars, MA and Ph.D. students from higher education and research institutes in Romania, as well as to foreign scholars who conduct researches in Romania, upon recommendation from foreign and local colleagues, or from our fellows, and through formal agreements with higher education and research institutions.

You can access our online catalog at

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The NEC library currently holds over 38,000 items, including reference works (dictionaries & encyclopedias), books, periodicals, and multimedia resources in English, French, German, Italian, and Romanian. These materials enter the library through our acquisitions program, but also through donations from institutions and private donors.

Among the fields represented in the Library holdings:

Philosophy; Ancient and Medieval Literature; Occultism and Magic; History of Science; Psychology and Psycho-analysis; Education; Linguistics and Semiotics; Religion; Archaeology; History; Ethnicity, National Identity; International Relations; Politics & Economics; Law & Human Rights; Sociology; Media & Journalism; Ethnology and Anthropology; Gender Studies & Feminism; Cultural Studies; Literary History, Theory & Criticism, and Foreign Fiction; Visual Arts; Literature on Romanian Social & Political History, Civilization, Mentalities & Culture.

Up to 2014, the library subscribed to 11 printed academic journals. Our collection of printed journals can be consulted in the upper floor of the library. Starting with 2015, through our affiliation to Anelis Plus (Asociaţia Universităţilor, Institutelor de Cercetare – Dezvoltare şi Bibliotecilor Centrale Universitare din România) we have enlarged the range of electronic resources to other platforms of electronic journals such as SAGE JOURNALS, PROQUEST CENTRAL, OXFORD JOURNALS, CAMBRIDGE JOURNALS and WILEY JOURNALS. The library has also individual subscriptions to EBSCO Publishing-Database, JSTOR (a selection of their journals, not the whole package) and CAIRN. Our readers can access EBSCO’s E-book Academic Collection containing more than 150,000 titles from a number of academic university presses including Oxford University Press, MIT Press, State University of New York Press, Cambridge University Press, University of California Press, McGill-Queen's University Press, Harvard University Press and many others. The Library’s multimedia resources (CD-ROM & DVD) consist for the most part of reference works (encyclopedias & dictionaries), but also include electronic editions of major philosophical, scientific and religious texts, as well as treatises, bibliographies and indexes in the theory and history of art and architecture.

This is an open-shelf library, with free access to the holdings. The library area includes two reading rooms that can seat ca. 30 readers at one time. We provide access to 12 computer terminals connected to the Internet, and facilities for laptop users. The library has air-conditioning.

In addition to our online catalog (, the library provides access to on-line catalogs of major libraries in Bucharest, and to search engines on the Internet. The library is in the process of expanding its physical holdings through subscriptions to electronic journals.

Acquisition Funds

Besides resources for the library enlargement included in the support received from our major donors, over the years the NEC library has received significant support from

  • VolkswagenStiftung, Hanover, Germany
  • the Open Society Institute, Budapest - Hungary (through its now discontinued Higher Education Library Support Program, and indirectly, through its funding of our Relink Program);
  • The Getty Foundation, Los Angeles - USA (in the framework of the successive editions of our GE-NEC Program)
  • The Ludwig Boltzmann Society, Vienna - Austria (in the framework of the Botlzmann Institute which functioned for several years under the New Europe Foundation);
  • The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Bucharest, which offered us for a number of years subscriptions to the journals «Esprit» and «Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale».


The Library holds several special collections resulting from donations:

  • The «André Scrima» Documentary Collection, where religion and philosophy are strongly represented, but which also includes works in theory and history of art, theory and history of literature, history and sociology. This collection is not directly available for consultation; its contents can be accessed through our on-line catalog. Items from this collection can only be consulted in the reading room
  • The “Marin Tarangul” Special Collection with a focus on philosophy, religion, history and art history
  • The “Camil Petrescu” Special Collection, consisting mainly of works in philosophy
  • The “Emil Brunner” Special Collection, with works on Christian religion
  • The “Dan Slușanschi” Special Collection, with a focus on Classical Studies
  • The “Virgil Ierunca” Special Collection with a focus on music, consisting of 18,000 CDs and DVDs covering a wide array of musical performances of the highest quality, and of a number of books on music and on musicians

Other donations include:

  • Institutional donations:
    • Walter de Gruyter Publishing House – Germany
    • Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris – France
    • Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel – Germany
    • The Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Cologne, Germany
    • Wissenschafstkolleg zu Berlin – Germany
    • École française de Rome
    • The Warburg Institute, London - UK
    • Humanitas Publishing House, Bucharest – Romania
    • Zeta Books, Bucharest – Romania
    • Smaller donations were received from the journals Representations and RES, and from the Eranos Foundation

  • Private donations:
    • Sanda Agalides – USA/România
    • Monique Alexandre – France
    • Sorin Antohi – România
    • Gheorghe Brătescu – România
    • Hinnerk Bruhns – France
    • Iso Camartin – Switzerland
    • Pavel Câmpeanu
    • Christa Kamm – Switzerland
    • J. J. Kockelman – USA & Ioana Gogeanu - România
    • Gabriel Liiceanu – România
    • Monica Lovinescu
    • Isabelle Marchesin – France
    • Andrei Pleşu – România
    • Mircea Popescu – România